IPSWICH, Queensland

5 Gordon Drive | Bellbird Park, QLD 4300



Business Address

72 Redbank Plains Rd | Goodna, QLD 4300



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By Peter MakueiP Dinka Language School Australia, provided by SALBAGOSS INC, stands as a beacon of cultural preservation and community empowerment within the Dinka diaspora in Australia. SALBAGOSS INC, an organization deeply committed to the well-being and advancement of the Dinka community, spearheads this educational initiative to ensure the continuity of the Dinka language and …

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South Sudan: The Beginning of the Struggle for Political Emancipation, 1947–2004. South Sudan’s journey towards political emancipation was marked by a complex and tumultuous history, spanning from 1947 to 2004. The region’s struggle for autonomy and self-determination was deeply rooted in historical, social, and political factors, which ultimately culminated in the establishment of the world’s …

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